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Imagine this: Ryan Seacrest is hosting your wedding... go for it, take a second. He's professional, fun, and fantastic on the mic. He would guide guest emotions and focus the entire night. He knows great music! How enhanced would your guests experience be? How confident would you feel that every detail would be met; that every moment would flow smoothly?

Well, I'm not Ryan, but that's exactly what you get when I am your Host. Your guest experience is my solitary focus, because besides getting married, that's what's most important to you. Together, we can create an experience that leaves people wishing we never ended!

This isn't achieved by simply, "making announcements". To be the best Host, it requires meticulous attention to detail, understanding people, and having a serious passion for what I do! I'm not here to make your big day about me. I'm there to point and focus the attention on you and your new spouse!

And, of course, the ceremony will come to a close, and we'll end your phenomenal night with a dance party you'll never forget!


So what's the secret to the perfect dance party? How do we create a soundtrack that makes grandma feel included, but also makes your wedding party leave everything on the dance floor?

Every wedding is unique. Crowd favorites range from hip hop (throwback and new) to Mowtown to Singalongs, like I Wanna Dance with Somebody to Don't Stop Believin'! -- and don't think I've forgotten about you, Country and Latin music lovers. We all know you are the real MVP's when it comes to true dance moves.

This is where I come in.

Combining your favorite jams with my experience in mixing music and reading the room, we can create a party that your friends and family will remember the rest of their lives. 

Do I play the whole song through? No! Do I play line dances? Only if you want me to. Can your guest make request? Doesn't phase me at all! 

All that being said, you bring the people, I bring the the tunes, and together, we'll have guests making microphones out of beer bottles and singing at the top of their lungs all night!


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